Friday, March 12, 2010

Conservative Budget Provides For Harper's New 'Coup' Business

Carefully packaged and sold as a 'stay the course' budget, anyone paying attention would know that Flaherty's latest offering, was anything but.

However, since they made it just seemingly 'good enough', had the opposition tried to take them down over it, they would have once again been accused of self interest. Instead the media is now calling Michael Ignatieff spineless.

Fine. Do what you have to do so that you get to ask King Stephen a question a year, and avoid getting beat up.

Straight Goods has done an excellent break down, reminding us of what wasn't in the budget that should have been:
While the Harperites successfully conveyed a controlled message of "staying the course" with their "economic action plan," Canadians who most need help will see little aid.

The big national projects the nation so urgently needs — in green jobs, education, retraining, child care, housing, transportation, infrastructure, and so much more — simply are not happening. Meanwhile the federal government's ability to govern is being undermined by deregulation and cuts to programs.
But it was another statement from the article that got my overactive imagination going, so I'm going to throw caution to the wind, and lay out a little scenario here.

You may or may not know, that I have done a lot of research into a group that Stephen Harper helped to found back in the day, called the Northern Foundation. They were supposed to be the vanguard for the extreme-right in Canada.

According to Dr. Debra Chin

The Northern Foundation of which Mr. Harper was a member, is a male-dominated and self-anointed "white brotherhood". Females are not excluded though, provided that they accept its highly conformist and male chauvinistic
culture of fascism.

Now Chin felt the same way I did when I first learned of this. Harper was young and we all do crazy things when we're young that we may not be proud of (with the exception of myself, of course). He claimed that he was kicked out for not being right-wing enough, but so far he is the only one who has made that claim.

The NF had a publication called the Northern Voice, which was mostly visceral attacks on homo-sexuals, abortion and 'radical feminists' (women with jobs). The Reform Party advertised regularly in the publication, so it was pretty apparent that they weren't against attracting extremists. (Harrison, Toronto University Press, 1995)

But it was the other agenda of the foundation that I found interesting. They were in the 'Coup' business.

Now back to the Straight Goods article:
David MacDonald of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives told Straight Goods News that "The problems that were problems last year are still problems today." He said that the Budget does nothing for Canada's 1.5 million unemployed, many of whom are facing EI benefits that expire soon. Only half the unemployed are eligible to receive any benefits at all, he told Straight Goods News.

The big surprise for him was the "foreign policy shift. While every other department is being capped, Defence is continuing to grow for the next three years," at its current rate, he said. And after that, "it's only scaled back slightly... while at the same time the people who actually do reconstruction on the ground, in Haiti and Afghanistan, they're actually being capped.

That is, Canada is cutting foreign aid and increasing spending on expensive military equipment. "Our foreign policy is moving more toward combat military operations and away from the kind of reconstruction operations that are really what's necessary in Afghanistan. ... The question going forward is once Afghanistan ends, what are we going to do with these choppers?
Wolfgang Droege, was a close associate of Stephen Harper and according to Frank Dabbs, author of Preston Manning: The Roots of Reform, "...self-described white-supremacist Wolfgang Droege was the party's [Reform Party] policy chairman in Ontario."

Since Stephen Harper was the chief of Reform Party policy, they would have no doubt communicated often, since they were trying to break into Ontario. Droege also provided security for Manning when he was in the province, through members of his Heritage Front.

According to Wikipedia:

In 1981, Droege helped organize a failed attempt, codenamed "Operation Red Dog", to invade the Caribbean nation of Dominica and overthrow its government and restore deposed Prime Minister Patrick John to power. According to testimony presented at the trial of Droege and his nine co-conspirators, in exchange for restoring John to power, Droege would have been permitted to use the island as the centre of a drug-refinement and trafficking operation. The attempted coup went awry after a CFTR radio reporter who had been approached about an "exclusive story" decided to contact the police.

This brings us back to my posting on Canada's new 'Coup' business. Apparently the Harper government has appropriated up to 70 million dollars under the guise of 'spreading democracy'. I found nothing on this from the Canadian media, but Michael Allen from the University of California has written about this in the Democracy Digest.

And Dr. Chin believes that Harper is actually trying to fulfill the agenda of the Northern Foundation. Whether that's true or not, it's definitely something we can't just wave off:
...Mr. Harper appears to be attempting to use public office designed to defend the national interests of all Canadians, to carry out the apparent private agenda of a clique, whose members are determined to transform Canada into their own bleak fascist image under U.S. control.
I believe the ultimate goal is to open foreign markets (example Haiti), not drugs or anything of that nature.

I think I need someone like Dan Brown to put all of this together. I've been trying to drop little hints to the media (not the mainstream corporate media) hoping that someone will help me, because I believe there is a story here. And who knows, maybe even eventually a novel for someone (kidding). Unfortunately, I'm just afraid of how it's going to end.

I do get myself into these things, don't I?


  1. Aren't we directing a lot of funding into ''law enforcement'' in the West Bank?

  2. I think we're building courts and prisons there. I guess the food plan is bread and water.