Sunday, March 28, 2010

A New Group is Asking to Please Fire Gail Shea

A young lady, Alishia Fox sent me links to two videos that she has made about Department of Fisheries and Oceans Minister, Gail Shea.

Alishia is frustrated with Shea, not only for her incompetence, but also her blatant disregard for protecting our oceans and their species.

She reminds us that Shea has no qualifications for this job, having worked in administration, with no background in science.

This is actually a tactic used by the neoconservative movement. Since their main goal is selling us off to multi-nationals, if they placed experienced people in cabinet posts, they may protest their actions.

Things like the selling of fish plants, slaughtering of Narwhals, salmon and shrimp farming that are destroying our shorelines; would go against the grain of someone who actually studied marine biology, environmental science, or in fact came from any scientific field.

But Gail Shea was just so tickled pink that she'd get a huge salary and perks, like a limo and driver; she'll let them do what they want.

I am always so inspired when I see young people getting involved. This land and it's future belongs to them, and we need to pay attention.

Alishia has set up a Facebook group: Please Fire Gail Shea, and plans to create more videos, which I will share. So please help her out.

Catch 22 Conservatives has adopted this riding, so you can check them out as well, and join the conversation. Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) is still going strong and Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper (C.R.U.S.H.) have started running our newspaper ads. Our website is here.

It will be grassroots movements like this, that will get our country back, while there is still a country to fight for.

Thank you Alishia for reminding me why I do this.

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