Saturday, March 6, 2010

Rabble's Not Rex Murphy Contest and Humberto Da Silva

As I mentioned in a couple of other postings, Rabble is having a Not Rex Murphy contest and have chosen their top five finalists. You can view all of the entries here.

Da Silva, in the video above, brings up some very valid points about our media, and their shift to the right.

And as he indicates, we used to be able to at least depend on our public broadcaster, CBC, to keep us informed and promote the things that mattered to Canadians.

Things like health care and social services. But now as he states, it's mostly crap. No wonder social media is becoming so popular.

Humberto also has a website, with the same irreverent humour that I love. You can visit it here.

So be sure to listen to all the videos and vote for your favourite. These types of contests are an excellent way to engage people in the political process.

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