Saturday, March 27, 2010

We Must See Our Way Forward and Start Challenging the Harper Legacy

There is a great new on-line publication and forum for progressive thought, that was shared on CAPP today. It's called 'Mayday Magazine' and they have published an excellent article "Canada on Trial', by Kevin MacKay.

As of this February 6th it will have been four years ago that Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party formed Canada’s government. Unable to win a majority in two elections, Harper and company have nonetheless been actively pursing a far-Right political agenda since gaining power, all the while wrapping themselves in the flag and presenting a tightly controlled, “compassionate conservative” facade.

We need more progressive forums and independent media sources. I'm so tired of spin. But as Mayday suggests:

The Harper agenda relies on our ignorance and passivity for its success. Let 2010 be the year we turn off our television, walk boldly into the world of the real, and send this malicious and anti-democratic government packing!


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