Monday, March 29, 2010

When Canada Was a Democracy Our Leaders Cared About Basic Human Rights

Someone shared this video yesterday on Canadians Rallying to Unseat Stephen Harper, and it is a compelling reminder of why we need to get our country back.

Those two men were on opposite sides of the political spectrum, but they both had a firm commitment to protecting Canadians of all race, colour and creed.

Yet today this horrible, destructive, neoconservative government is trying to challenge our human rights commission. Something they vowed to do long before coming to office.

Lawrence Martin wrote a great column on the weekend A capital where freedom's in short supply, where he reminds us that the Harper government is not really in favour of free speech. Just their brand of free speech.

It's always great fun to see conservatives getting all worked up about freedom of speech, as they did over the dust-up between Ann Coulter and the University of Ottawa. The dragon lady, of course, was entitled to the freedom to peddle her delicacies on campus, just as students were entitled to protest against her. The students won the day, and Ms. Coulter left fuming.

Harper's list of suppressing any kind of speech is long and alarming, as Martin points out.

Of course the sub-text with Ann Coulter for the Reformers is Muslim. They will always support someone's right to bash Muslims. This is so incredibly sad.

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