Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stephen Harper and His Reformers Change Words to Our National Anthem

The big news yesterday, was not the boring throne speech, but the fact that the Reformers were going to change the words to our national anthem. We knew it was just a matter of time; since they've changed everything else.

I was able to get a draft copy, and while it's much longer than the original, it better reflects Harper's Canada.

O Canada

O Canada! It's no longer our land!
True we still pay taxes
But it's just so our man
go on photo-ops, with all our cops
Who will
not let you go near.
And if you try to talk, you will get a clock
And not come to until next year.

This was once a land, that was glorious and free!
O Canada, we've lost our democracy
now have a dictator, I hope he's not watching me.

O Canada! We are no longer nice
trained to kill people
So I would sure think twice
Before coming here, 'cause I sadly fear
You'll not think it's Canada
It's fascism now, and you'll have to bow
To Herr Stephen or go home

Oh Canadian women, you must answer the call
Do you have a womb for rent
'Cause this government's bent
On making white babies, for one and all
But when they are born, no healthcare, schools or fun
And if you have a daughter
They'll wish they were a son.

There's no equality for her, but she can have a gun.
No equality for her, but she can have a gun.

O Canada! Our song is almost done!
And our homophobics
Rejoice that they have won
No more gays you see, says Jason Kenney
So forget your next parade
Now he may relent, If his time was spent
On try - ing to get laid.

Yes this was once a land, glorious and free!
But Canadians have lost all their democracy
now have a dictator, and I know that he is watching me.



  1. Harper's true intention is to adopt the Star Spangle Banner as our national anthem.