Thursday, April 1, 2010

Helena Guergis Says Research Confirms That Women Have no Status

There's a reason why the Reformers made one of the stupidest women on the planet, the minister of the Status of Women.

They had already decided that we have no status in this country, and Guergis fits their ideology that we should 'know our place', and leave the men to do the whole politics thing.

I'm still reeling over the announcement that Harper's so-called focus on vulnerable women and children around the world, will not include contraception or safe abortions.

Now I learn that they will also be cutting the funding to one of the most important advocacy agencies in the country.

Status of Women minister Helena Guergis is expected to cut funding for further research on missing and murdered aboriginal women as part of a refocusing on the government's support for the issue.

The five-year-old Sisters in Spirit initiative had been compiling a database on the more than 500 women who have died or gone missing over the past four decades. The group, operating within the Native Women's Association of Canada, had become Canada's leading resource on the topic.

But their funding was set to run out on Wednesday with no public word yet on their fate. The co-ordinator of the program said she believed that the program would survive in another format - minus the research. "That's something that Status of Women has been clear about, that there should be no more research, that it's now more about action," said Karen Rexe, director of Sisters in Spirit.

Of course 'action' is a code word for bring on some Religious Right group who will give you a cookie if can repeat three times: "I am woman, hear me whimper".

I'm getting so sick of this.


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