Monday, April 5, 2010

Is President Karzai Ready to Call it Quits

With NATO planning a major spring offensive, the largest since the war began eight years ago; it would appear that president Karzai has had enough.

During a visit to Southern Afghanistan he threatened to join the Taliban, if NATO goes ahead with their plans.

When President Obama visited the country recently he warned the Afghan President to clean up the corruption, and I don't think he took to kindly to the remarks.

Karzai was a former member of the Taliban government from 1995-98, before Unicol hired him as an insider to try to clinch an oil pipeline deal.

The Afghan president toured one community where dozens of residents died in an explosion several weeks ago. Local residents said they lived in constant fear and sharply criticized him for not doing enough to stop the violence.

Later, community leaders told Karzai they were worried about NATO's planned spring offensive, when troops are expected to launch the largest operation in the eight-year-old war against the Taliban. But Karzai told the local leaders there wouldn't be an offensive.

I think we should get out of there. What are we fighting for now? Bin Laden's dead and the drug trade is stronger than it ever was.

It's time to stop this nonsense and bring our soldiers home. Harper's lost interest anyway, since Bush is out of the picture.

Enough is enough.

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