Friday, April 16, 2010

Bad News For Harper on Detainee Issue

More bad news on the detainee issue, and this time our troops may be involved.

This just keeps getting uglier.

Of course again, Mackay is sticking to his old lines and Harper is ordering more magic markers.

Give it up guys.

Chilling Afghan claims

Did Canadian troops use Afghanistan’s notorious security services as “subcontractors for abuse and torture?” That’s what the Commons committee on Afghanistan heard this week from Ahmadshah Malgarai, an Afghan-Canadian who worked as an interpreter in Kandahar.

It is the most damaging allegation yet in the Afghan detainee saga, and it challenges Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s repeated assurances that “the Canadian Forces ... have always acted responsibly.”

And: Ottawa accused of withholding military letters on detainees

The military watchdog probing Canada’s record on Afghan detainees says Ottawa has been withholding documents that go to the heart of its inquiry.

The Military Police Complaints Commission says the federal government’s refusal to release key letters written by Canadian Forces commanders raises troubling concerns about Ottawa’s approach to divulging information in this matter.

This is not going to go away no matter how much Harper hopes it will.


  1. But the problem is in having the military drawn into it. This is what Harper wants as he can then use his mantra that the opposition are unpatriotic and do not support the troops. Most Canadians will agree with him and we will be worse off than before in trying to get rid of him. And not get the truth on he and Mackay and what they knew and when!

  2. You're right. However, if there's proof that our troops were involved, the public may not be so willing to support them at any cost.

    The tired old lines are just getting tired.

    I'm not comfortable with the military doing the investigating alone, because it will just get swept under the rug.

    We need those documents unredacted.