Thursday, April 1, 2010

Harper and Haiti: I really Want to Swear Out Loud

I have never wanted to fill a blog posting with expletives so much as I do now.

While the media was treating Herr Harper like the Messiah, because of his so-called handling of the Haiti crisis, we are gradually learning that that sick SOB did nothing but bring in the military to protect corporate interests.

The ships he sent arrived empty and the bloody photo-ops were a bust because he had no more wall space for his "I really love myself" shrine.

And not one single penny has gone to Haiti relief. Not one.

But then a campaign contributor did get a multi-million dollar, un-tendered contract to rebuild the Haiti Parliament building.

What the hell for? Harper will just prorogue it.

That weasily, scum bag, piece of trash, sanctimonious, self-righteous, women and children hating, narcissistic, corporate boot licking, gun loving, voyeuristic torture supporting, career destroying, evil, mean, vengeful, bastard of a dictator!

Ah, that felt good. But I'm still MAD!


  1. Not one penny? After all those yay-Harper yay-Canada stories?
    Makes me want to cry. For as long as I can remember (and I'm no longer young) Canada has been respected by the world. I love Canada. It breaks my heart to think our reputation on the world scene will be ruined by a self-server like Stephen Harper.

  2. Stay mad Emily, we need it!