Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why We Need a Progressive Coalition NOW!

The Conservatives have tabled legislation to add 30 more seats to the House of Commons, under the guise of democratic reform.

Steven Fletcher has actually been working on this for awhile, and how much do you want to bet that they already have their candidates in place?

According to CTV last September:

Changing the electoral map in such a way may also play in the Conservatives' favour. That's because the party stands a good chance of picking up additional seats in suburban Alberta and B.C., and potentially Ontario as well.

"Some are saying this is the route not only to getting rid of minority governments, but it could be a route to a Tory majority," Clark said. "This might create a new dynasty.

Just what Canada needs. A fascist dynasty. Harper will no longer have to pretend that he gives a damn.

John Ryan has been pushing for a Progressive Coalition, and I think the time has never been more crucial for all progressive leaders to put down their partisanship and work toward getting rid of this destructive government, while we still have any rights as citizens.

As Ryan states:

"Canada's last two elections are proof positive that we have a flawed electoral system. Does it make any sense that it's impossible to get a government that reflects the views of the majority of our population? How is it that a little more than a third of the electorate can determine who forms Canada's government?"
And though Stephen Harper included the Bloc in his coalition; the NDP, Liberals and Green wouldn't have to, especially given the hypocrisy of the Harperites. They wouldn't even have to give up their party platforms or identity.

I think we need to really start pushing for this.

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