Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Machine Guns and Out Houses. Welcome to the New Canada

News from the "New Canada" just keeps getting weirder.

Apparently a Harper dictatorship means no questions from reporters, sub-machine guns on Parliament Hill and no bathroom breaks for women unless they can pee behind a tree.

I know all of this means something, but I've given up trying to figure out what Harper is doing.

I mean seriously. If you walked into someones office or their home and saw that every inch of wall space was covered with snapshots of themselves, what would you do?

a. Avert your eyes.

b. Call the doctor.

c. Run for your life.

d. All of the above

Reporters forced to hold it in during PM's visit
Mounties order female reporters out of the loo during Harper announcement

Washroom access at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Wednesday announcement at an Ontario highway maintenance yard was so restricted, female reporters were at one point ordered out of the john while trying to relieve themselves. Later, a larger group of women were held back from the bathrooms until Harper had cleared the immediate vicinity.

And I wouldn't mess with the RCMP. They will no longer just rough you up, but they will now be packing sub-machine guns. You'd better start wearing Depends because seeing an RCMP with one of those guarding the loo, will make you pee in your pants.

The RCMP will give its Parliament Hill detachment officers some extra firepower, after deciding to bring previously purchased submachine guns back into service.

RCMP Sgt. Greg Cox confirmed to that the Mounties intend to bring their Heckler & Koch MP5 submachine guns back into service as "secondary weapons," ending weapons training for officers. He said the RCMP must also decide on how to store the weapons securely, while also ensuring that they are accessible to officers.
And if you think those stories are strange, we also learned that Stephen Harper personally approved of allowing a terrorist to visit the Rock.

I told you the "New Canada" was weird.

Harper approved planned stopover for Libya's Gadhafi

OTTAWA — A new document shows Prime Minister Stephen Harper personally approved Moammar Gadhafi's planned stopover in Newfoundland last fall. The green light came even as the Harper government was rebuking the Libyan leader for supporting a convicted terrorist.

Gadhafi eventually cancelled his planned Canadian stop in St. John's, Newfoundland, after the Prime Minister's Office said he would be scolded for throwing a party for a man jailed in the Lockerbie bombing. But internal emails obtained by The Canadian Press reveal it was Harper himself who gave Gadhafi's visit the go-ahead.

Gotta' love a dictatorship. I know I'm pretty pumped.

When Canada was a democracy I used to love this song. We didn't know how lucky we were.

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