Monday, April 25, 2011

Someone Else Has Picked up on Polling Fraud

Going into the final week of the campaign and on the eve of the Advance Polls, an "unholy alliance" between the media and "commercial interests" concocted an NDP surge, when in fact the polls used, have such a high margin of error that they fall into the fairy tale category.

We have to get the message out to everyone voting strategically, that these results appear to have been rigged. They only add confusion, and help Harper who stands a better chance campaigning against the NDP who have no track record on the economy.

As Cicblog says: Quebec Margin of Error, +/- 6.4% ??? That's One Big Error (They've since bumped it to 6.5)
"Allan Gregg, chairman of Harris-Decima, which provides political polling for the Canadian Press. He is also a regular member of The National's At Issue panel on CBC TV.

Gregg has been doing political polling since the 1970s . . .
'there's broad consensus among pollsters that proliferating political polls suffer from a combination of methodological problems, commercial pressures and an unhealthy relationship with the media.

'The dirty little secret of the polling business,' he went on, 'is that our ability to yield results accurately from samples that reflect the total population has probably never been worse in the 30 to 35 years that the discipline has been active in Canada.'"
(CBC, 25 Apr.'11)
This is a deliberate attempt at confusing strategic voters. It makes me so damn mad.

So when the headline reads 'slim majority' or 'statistical tie', what they really mean is 'have we fooled you yet'?


  1. Repost from Dan Cumming - However, the last poll that counted for anything was done in 2008. The next one is being held May 2nd.

  2. A nice little positive pop song election video: