Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Harper Trading Cancer for Votes

In a shameful bid for votes Harper is endorsing Canada's asbestos industry. My brother-in-law died from Asbestosis, one of the worst forms of lung cancer, because of exposure. We should be banning it, not promoting it, and certainly not exporting death.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just set a new low in trolling for votes, with a shamelessly self-serving campaign stop in Asbestos, Que., home to one of the country’s most notorious exports.

In Ottawa the Conservatives may be stripping asbestos from Parliament, Harper’s official residence and other public buildings as a health hazard. But Harper is only too eager to court rural Quebec voters by extolling Canada’s role in a dirty industry that ships the mineral to developing countries, where it can cause deadly lung diseases including cancer if not properly handled.
Just how low can this man go?

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  1. Disgusting. We're supposed to be helping developing countries, not trying to kill them off. Doesn't he have any idea how the Canadian people see our country's role on the world stage? A geographically large country, with a small population whose hearts are equal to the size of our land. That's who we have always been. Why does he want to change our view, and the world's view, of us into money-grubbing capitalists?