Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Canadian Soldiers Fear Another Harper Mandate

Canadian soldiers fear that they could be the target of Harper's slash and burn agenda, giving money to the rich but ignoring everyone else.
National Defence has changed a cost-of-living allowance for tens of thousands of soldiers, sailors and aircrew, prompting fears the deficit-slashing Harper government intends to eliminate it altogether.

...The benefit used to be included with military paycheques in high-cost cities, but it has been deposited separately since April 1.

Senior non-commissioned officers at several bases have warned the rank and file that is the first step toward possible elimination of the assistance altogether, defence sources told The Canadian Press. “Learn to live without it because it'll be gone within a year,” some sailors were told last week at Canadian Forces Base Halifax.
Don't worry guys. We've got your back. Harper is not getting in.

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