Friday, April 29, 2011

Investors Warn People to Lock in Mortgages in Case NDP Win

Normally I dismiss headlines like this, but I'm doing what I can to get people not to split the vote. Experts agree that the only way Harper will get his majority is if we do that.

And with Layton's ego now leading him around, we have to start taking this seriously.

The chance of his becoming prime minister are pretty slim, and will be even slimmer if he hands Conservatives key ridings. But the "alarm" does have some merit.
The markets have made little movement so far, but Doug Porter with BMO Capital Markets thinks “we could see a significant shift next Monday if these polls are remotely accurate.”

Already, there is some speculation that the polls are hurting the dollar. During this morning’s rally of major currencies against the U.S. greenback, the Canadian dollar was notably sluggish.

... Markets are notoriously tough on democratic socialist governments, particularly untested ones. Like voters who are wary of conservative governments cutting their social programs, left-leaning governments have to work twice as hard to prove their fiscal-management credentials.
This plays right into Harper's hands.

PLEASE DON'T SPLIT THE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. BMO is my bank. Grrr! At most it will last two days. When the PQ was elected in 1976, the sky did not fall!

  2. One week in, and the markets are down. Guess they turned out wrong on this one, eh?

  3. They will probably be wrong on a lot of things.