Friday, April 22, 2011

European Diplomat Says Harper Should Remain Silent

A very good piece in the Edmonton Journal by a former Canadian diplomat: Harper has no business bragging about his foreign policy
The prime minister's laudatory remarks about his government's foreign policy performance are completely at variance with its dubious and dismal record on the world stage. Some less charitable souls would describe Canadian foreign policy under Harper's ideologically driven views as an outright disaster, a complete reversal of the stellar role Canada once enjoyed in promoting sound and responsible policies on a wide range of important issues.
How does Harper get away with making these statement and few in the media challenge him? Like the ads that Canada is walking tall, when in fact we're cowering in the corner now, hoping no one sees us.

Some Canadian travelers are sewing American flags on their caps and backpacks.

Good turnout at the advance polls today, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the opposition gets enough seats to oust him.

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  1. Emily
    The media is afraid of him. You should be afraid of him. This despot is certainly not going to allow free speech. Hell, we're being told it's an unnecessary election. Well why not do away with elections? This guy knows how we should live as Canadians. Bow down and Kow Tow. It's the American way, dont'cha know?

    There is a new day coming. Huck Farper. One little man cannot destroy what you and we have put together.

    Big Love and Peace,