Sunday, April 24, 2011

NDP Surge Was Barely a Blip

News today is that after all of the hoopla, the seat projections for the NDP remain the same.

Polls indicate that there will be very little difference in the makeup of Parliament. Seventy some odd seats for the Liberals. Thirty-six for the NDP and Forty-Five for the Bloc.

But is that true?

We know that polls now aren't worth much, especially since they don't factor in the youth vote, and the Canadian desire to oust Harper. And both Nelly Furtado and the Canadian Auto Workers Union are campaigning for Elizabeth May to remove Gary Lunn.

Hopefully, the Green will end up with at least one seat, though I'd prefer a few more. I like their platform and Elizabeth May is amazing.

The current seat projections don't show the Green with anything.

They also don't show the situation in Bev Oda's riding with a growing "not" campaign, or the revelation that Julian Fantino bled $10 million tax dollars to his fundraisers.

In this election, anything is possible.

The best I can tell people is to ignore the national polls and concentrate on your riding. Who has the best chance of beating the Conservative candidate? Then follow your best instincts.

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