Thursday, April 21, 2011

Harper Says he Won't Try to Form Coaltion. Who Besides Layton Would Join Him in One?

With typical arrogance Stephen Harper is saying that if he doesn't get the most seats he won't try to form a coalition. Who besides Layton would trust him?

If he fails to win his party will replace him.

He knows it and we know it.

And Graham Thomson gives his colleagues a dressing drown:
I'm upset with my colleagues in the media, with journalism professors, with teachers in general and with anyone responsible for informing Canadians how our system of parliamentary democracy works. That list certainly includes myself. We have obviously fallen down on the job.

How else to explain the headlines in newspapers -and the resulting chatter -around the country making it look as if Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is planning a coup after the federal election if he doesn't win the most seats? To read some of the stories, spiced up with quotes from outraged Conservatives, you'd think Ignatieff was ready to break out the guns and storm the doors of Parliament with his ragtag team of minority Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Québécois.
I'm ashamed with our media myself. They should know better.

And Harper is saying that even if he gets a minority he sees no reason for compromise. Nothing will change. He will run Parliament like he has a dictatorship.

Giving Canadians the finger.

The Toronto Star says Harper is taking the low road.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's emotional blackmail is beginning to wear thin. He's been stumping the land stirring fears that a Liberal-led “reckless coalition of losers” is poised to seize power and create a “black hole” if the voters are imprudent enough to deny his Conservatives the majority they crave.

“Michael Ignatieff's ambition to be prime minister trumps everything,” the Tories say. “Even how Canadians vote.” It's clever spin. But it's baloney. Anyone who is following this shallow campaign knows that the Conservatives, not some other clutch of losers, are likely to be back in power on May 2, crafting yet another Tory throne speech and budget. Every poll suggests the election is theirs to lose. This would be their third crack at governing since 2006.
We have to stop him. We can no longer count on help from the NDP so we'll have to slug it out alone.

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  1. I bet you $50 (and I never bet that much!) that Layton has been offered a slot in a Harper coalition cabinet. Layton is apparently not fazed at the prospect of sleeping with the enemy. There is a word for that. It starts by tr- and ends with -tor.