Tuesday, April 26, 2011

James Laxer's Satirical Piece is Not Off the Mark

James Laxer has an excellent satirical piece on his blog, about the Globe and Mail's endorsement of Stephen Harper.

Not off the mark.

I have had a bit of an ongoing conversation with Norman Spector of the Globe. A well known Conservative he at first was singing Harper's praises and attacking Michael Ignatieff as an elitist.

But when he started singing the praises of Jack Layton I knew something was up.

Then the bogus NDP surge headlines started to appear.

Given that polls today are mostly fraudulent and the margin of error in the polls showing an NDP surge, cartoonish, I think the entire thing is a set up. The threat of an NDP government will rally Harper's troops and the promise of an NDP surge, send strategic voters into a tail spin.

Think twice, vote once, and ignore the polls. Focus on your riding.

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  1. They also want progressives to stay home, thinking this is a done deal. No way José!