Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Facebook Friend of Ignatieff Out. Paul Bernardo Stalker In

Maybe instead of the RCMP screening those who had a photo of Michael Ignatieff on their Facebook page, they should start weeding out some of the people working for the Conservatives.

And I'm not talking about Bruce Carson or Dimitri Soudas. And I'm not even talking about those with links to terrorist organizations.

Seems they failed to weed out a fan of Paul Bernardo's who is listed as a dangerous offender.

And no I'm not talking about Jason Kenney.
In one of the more bizarre twists during the run-up to the federal election, a former Paul Bernardo admirer and dangerous offender has been booted from the campaign team of a Toronto Conservative candidate.Michelle Erstikaitis, 31, told QMI Agency Monday night she dyed her hair and used a fake name to join the campaign team of Kevin Moore (Toronto-Centre) as an envelope-stuffer last week.

Just weeks earlier, Erstikaitis had been released from Vanier prison for women in Milton, Ont., where she was awaiting sentencing for a plethora of charges, including stabbing her boyfriend in 2009.

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