Friday, April 29, 2011

Vote Splitting Means American Style Justice System

It is no longer useful to remind people why they shouldn't vote for Harper. I think they already know.

The only message I can give now is to not split the vote, because that is the only thing that will give Harper a victory and possibly even a majority.

Layton's only ambition now appears to be more seats, a replay of his election strategies past. According to James Laxer in 2006:
Strangely, in the 2004 election, and much more overtly in 2006, the ndp leader exhibited a penchant for short-term fixes over long-term party-building. He became a servant to the proposition that what was good for working people and for the left was more seats for the ndp—no more, no less. Playing right into Conservative hands, in the 2006 election Layton helped frame the central issue as Liberal scandals. The Canadian Election Study, published just after the election, suggests this issue was responsible for the Conservative victory.
One of his Quebec candidates is still in school and according to his Facebook page, he likes to play videos and collect comic books. He may need a note from his mom to go to Ottawa. How is this good for the country?
To cap it off, in what was billed as his last statement as an MP, Ed Broadbent declared that power “should be taken away” from the Liberals, that the party “no longer [had] the moral authority to deserve people’s votes.” He said not a word about what a Harper government would mean for the country.
Layton appears to be using the same strategy. This election is now about him, and the rest of us be damned, even if it means returning Stephen Harper to power.

And what is the NDP stand on issues of importance? Gun control advocates are warning not to vote NDP if we want to save the gun registry. In a recent interview Layton was quite evasive on the topic, knowing that many of his MPs want to scrap it.

But what about law and order?

According to Laxer, who is an NDP insider:
On crime, Layton cravenly tried to capitalize on urban anxiety, attempting to compete with the law-and-order Conservatives by proposing four-year minimum sentences for certain gun-related offences. Urban advocacy is one thing, but US-based evidence suggests that such punitive policies simply don’t work. Regardless, Harper can now conscript the ndp’s positions in support of his own proposed legislative solutions. On these fronts—government ethics and crime—the party of progressive principle has become an accessory to the Conservative agenda.
So how can Layton possibly challenge Harper's law and order agenda, when he shares the same views, even when he knows they're wrong?

All I can say people is THINK! And please, please, please, DON'T SPLIT THE VOTE!!!!

This election is now about battling egos and we could all end up being collateral damage.


  1. Don't allow the corporate leaning Liberals and Conservatives to
    deny "a life" to Canada's children, continuing to live in poverty!
    Vote NDP
    =or== this ==

    The story of Mr Stable ,a person in a community who has maxed out his Credit Card , has kids to feed but goes out and buys a jet!
    We asked Wendy Wilson NDP Candidate for Parry Sound Muskoka ,if Mr Stable , is "stable"

  2. Check out Catch 22 Tories;

    it's a multi-partisan group with a national strategy for voting.

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    “Hi, we’re trying to stop Stephen Harper,” says a cheery middle-aged man wearing a rain jacket and a yellow “Vote for democracy — not Harper” T-shirt.

    Armed with a handful of soggy pamphlets flapping in the wind, Nick Fillmore, of the Catch 22 campaign, is trying to convince centre-left voters to help thwart the Harper government’s quest for a majority by voting strategically against the Conservative Party.


  3. ………………..

    Toppling Harper: A Sideshow Circus Trick





    Visit the Swing website, to move beyond the idea of strategic voting, and into the realm of strategic donation.

    Swing 33 simply identifies 33 key ridings where Conservatives are in tight races with other parties, and links you to the donation page of the leading opposition candidate (not their party headquarters).


    Pair Vote – 2011 Federal Election


    Silver Fox Alliance

    Facebook Page:!/group.php?gid=108180069230266


    "We're Voting CBC" campaign

    While we will work hard to engage our 150,000 supporters in all parts of Canada during the election, our strategy is to focus on 45 ridings where the outcome in 2008 was very close and where we have many hundreds of supporters on the ground. Already in the pre-election period we have worked with local volunteers to meet with scores of MPs and nominated candidates.

    Now that the election has been called we are organizing a WE'RE VOTING CBC campaign in each of these close ridings. This will involve a sign campaign, all candidates' meetings, coffee parties and a range of other grassroots actions to raise the profile of public broadcasting. The goal – to make sure that the newly elected MPs arriving in Ottawa from these 45 swing ridings share a strong sense of the importance of a strong and independent CBC to voters back home.


    Strategic Voting Guide

    Are you voting against the Conservatives this election? This quick table takes the guess work out of your strategic voting decision. The table below lists your best bet to defeat the conservative in your area.


    Project Democracy is a tool to help you determine if there is a way to "amp up" your vote and stop a Harper majority. By using a riding by riding election prediction model based on the most up to date public opinion research, we can tell you which Party is best positioned to defeat the Conservative in your riding. Just enter your postal code in the box to the right.


    Canada: take back democracy
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    Enter your postal code to find out if you live in a close riding and which party has the most chance of defeating Harper there.


  4. .
    2008 Federal Election Results by Riding in excel sheet

    General Election on May 2, 2011


    snip snip: In 2006, Harper won his "minority" government by 4,502 votes in 11 ridings across Canada. That's it.

    Having an extra illegal $1.3 million to throw around helped cinch the election for them.

    Abusing the advertising rules by using no-chance ridings to divert money and bolster their advertising in competitive ridings is illegal when the party's reached its cap. It is more than an accounting or administrative error. It is yet another deliberate manipulation of the voting system to achieve an undemocratic result.

    Reality Check aka exposing Harper’s lies

    Mr. Harper repeatedly asserts he "won" the last two elections, that he has a "mandate" from Canadians to govern, and that whoever gets "the most seats" in this election has the exclusive right to form a government.

    On the question of "winning" the last two elections by getting "the most seats", consider the fact, for example, in the 2006 election the Conservatives appealed to only 36.3 per cent of the 64.7 per cent of voters who cast a ballot.

    It is hardly a "mandate from the people" when 78 per cent of the approximately 23 million voters did not vote for your party.

  5. In Kingston a vote for NDP is a vote for Conservative.

    And Nadine You're right. The NDP "surge" was a hoax.