Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dr. Marlo Raynolds is Rising Up

Dr. Marlo Raynolds, the former Executive Director of the Pembina Institute, has also thrown his support behind Michael Ignatieff.

We need to get Harper out.
I don’t say this lightly. But the breadth and depth to which Harper has dismantled our environmental safeguards and failed to address significant threats to our health and prosperity, such as climate change, is beyond anything I could have imagined – and should be of grave concern to Canadians.

This is why I am speaking out. Over the past five years I worked endlessly to try to compel, convince and cajole the Harper government to take meaningful action to protect our environment.
We have to be realistic here. The NDP is not ready to form a government. They have a lofty platform filled with big expenditures, and no plan on how they will pay for them.

The only real alternative to the Conservatives are the Liberals. It's that simple. And as Dr. Raynolds says:
I want a Prime Minster that will listen to Canadians, who will respect democracy, who will respect the majority of Parliament that has said time and again that we must take action to reduce pollution, protect our environment and safeguard the health and well being of our kids and grandkids. This is why we need to do everything possible to get Harper out.

The conclusion that I’ve drawn is that the only way we can achieve this is by making sure that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff becomes Prime Minister. I believe he is a man that listens first, and then takes real action. I believe Mr. Ignatieff will respect democracy, will respect Parliament and will respect Canadians.
Forget the "surges", the "waves" and the polls. Our country depends on it.

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