Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jack Layton Flip Flops on Strategic Voting

On March 28 Jack Layton made a plea for strategic voting.
NDP Leader Jack Layton is urging voters to think strategically when they cast their ballots, so they can get rid of Stephen Harper as prime minister. It's a risky call.

It makes sense in Saskatchewan for the NDP because the party placed second in almost every riding and didn't win a single seat because it split the anti-Harper vote with the Liberals.
That's because he knew that with all the work done, he would garner a few more seats.

Then the faux news story hit of an NDP surge, and he is now saying the exact opposite, obviously not realizing that he had been set up.

Now he's scoffing at strategic voting.

He had already flip-flopped on corporate tax cuts, and he's flip-flopped on the environment.


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  1. This involves "polls" & some real election # to help people vote strategically:
    Avaaz - Canada: Take Back Democracy