Friday, April 29, 2011

International Union of Labourers Throw Support Behind Ignatieff

This is a very important endorsement, given that most unions typically go NDP.

The Labourers' International Union of North America (LIUNA) today endorsed Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada for its commitment to help ease the economic pressure on middle-class families. "LIUNA represents working men and women in a wide range of industries — and Michael Ignatieff s platform and the Liberal Family Pack offer solutions that fit the priorities of our families."

"A Liberal government's policies will support stronger public pensions, create good-paying jobs for our workers, defend Canada's universal health care system, and help those in our society who need an extra hand – while at the same time offering a responsible fiscal plan that puts families first." LIUNA is a one of Canada's most powerful and respected trade unions with the goal to help improve wages, benefits and working conditions for its members. It has represented workers in North America for over a century, with diverse membership including )N workers in building construction, heavy construction and highway construction, manufacturing and commerce, health care and the public sector.

"The Liberal commitment to investing in middle-class families is in line with LIUNA's priorities. These are commitments that are important to us – but the Conservatives aren't interested in middle-class families and the NDP don't have a reliable plan to deliver on their promises. "On May 2nd, we encourage all of our members to vote Liberal because they offer voters the choice of a credible plan to help families now and defend public health care."
Let's hope it works. The NDP spending platform would be great if we were in better financial shape.

Think twice, vote once and DON'T SPLIT THE VOTE!

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