Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And so it Starts. Business Community Give Harper the Fuel he Needs for Majority

First off, I should say that if the NDP had a real chance of taking a significant number of seats from the Conservatives, and we could get our democracy back, I would be campaigning for them. But I fear it's 1988 all over again and we will be stuck with Harper until the bastard drops the bucket.

And he'll live to 150 just to spite us.

Now economists are sending out veiled warnings of a socialist agenda.

Silly them. Layton hasn't been a socialist, or even left wing for years.

I am now more frightened of Stephen Harper than I've ever been, becasue the corporate sector knows that Stephen Harper is their best friend. They will do what it takes to keep Layton in check, now or later.

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