Monday, April 25, 2011

Dimitri Soudas Corruption Charges Just Got More Believable

Deniability is becoming more difficult as someone else has come forward with information about Soudas and the Montreal Port Authority scandal.

The former head of the Montreal Port Authority, Dominic Taddeo, says he resigned from the committee charged with choosing his successor in 2007 right after attending a meeting at a Montreal restaurant with Dimitri Soudas, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office.

Opposition leaders are calling on Conservative leader Stephen Harper to fire Soudas, charging the PMO spokesman was pushing the Port Authority board to select a certain candidate for the job, former Montreal city manager Robert Abdallah.

Political interference in the selection process would contravene the Canada Marine Act, which says the port authority is autonomous and the selection of its president is up to its board of directors.
Yet Harper is still refusing to do anything about it, hoping for a majority so he can just make the whole thing go away.

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  1. How big a mountain of scandals will it take before this country sees the thing for what it is and reacts? It bloggles the mind!