Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jack Layton's Attempt to Get Harper His Majority is Working

With so many Canadians working like hell to get rid of Stephen Harper before he destroys us, what is Jack Layton doing? He's attacking Michael Ignatieff instead, in attempt to make sure that Harper gets his majority.

And it's working.

Twitter is aflutter with news that the NDP are leading in Quebec.

Not this it will transfer into seats, but needless to say the Conservatives are overjoyed. They are even discussing a national Jack Layton Day, right smack dab in the middle of the 364 Stephen Harper days.

I can't believe I actually voted for this man ... twice. What was I thinking?

Oh well. Maybe he'll get to hold Harper's coat while he finishes off our healthcare.


  1. That settles it. I've voted NDP for years, but this year I'm voting Liberal. Not that it will do any good, voting in Alberta, but it is now symbolic of my disappointment in "my" (as a union member) party.
    How? Why? What? There's no point in wondering. Jack Layton has decided to screw his supporters in the ear. Canada, as I once knew it, is as good as dead.

  2. But this article cites a poll showing the NDP now has enough support to become the official Opposition (with the Cons in a minority position). Layton has every right to go for it.

  3. You can't blame Layton for attacking the Liberals... the conservatives voters are decided, it does not matter what you say to them, they know who they will vote for, ...So Layton is targeting the Liberals because it's where he can win votes. ....and if everyone voted their heart, we could see a strong NDP-Liberal coalition, or at least a strong opposition. The Liberals are just Harper-Lite, the NDP are a true alternative.

  4. Layton's going for it is playing right into Harper's hands. He's laughing all the way to his majority. Every horrible thing Harper does if he gets it will be known as the Layton-Harper bill.

    And those of us who have worked so hard for a progressive revolution will see it all go up in smoke.

  5. And Joyce the poll shows no seat projections and was conducted by a company I've never heard of. All this does is splits the left vote. Layton should be ashamed. There may have been a time when he cared about Canada but it's clear he now only cares about Jack layton.

  6. I should also mention that on twitter a Harper insider is telling the NDP to pound the Liberals more. That should tell you something. Layton is doing their job for them and he's too self centred to care.

  7. He wants a Cabinet job in a coalition with the Cons before he retires.

    Fake left, go right.