Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dear Gordon O'Connor. Talking Points Don't Cut it!

It would appear that only a few Conservative candidates are allowed to participate in debates, one being Gordon O'Connor. But he got into a bit of trouble recently, with the crowd clearly against his party. As one man said: "This is the first election where I'm afraid the Canada I grew up in is going to disappear." That is a feeling shared by many.

He also took a bit of heat over the Nortel pension issue, when the disabled became victims of Harper's senate.

O'Connor may be in a bit of trouble with the Liberal contender Karen McCrimmon, though. O'Connor's military record appeals to some, but before entering politics he was a lobbyist for military contracts with Hill and Knowlton.

McCrinnon is also ex-military and her resume astounding:
McCrimmon is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the Canadian Forces. She has the distinction of being the first woman ever to command a Canadian Forces airforce squadron. As Commanding Officer of 429 Squadron, which flew tactical transport C130 Hercules, Karen and her crews carried out many humanitarian and military operations around the globe. Karen served in the Gulf War, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and was also a senior staff officer at NATO headquarters in Germany. In 1995, she was awarded the Order of Military Merit, one of the highest peace time military awards.
Not too shabby.

O'Connor defended his party with talking points, but we've heard them all before. Time to change the channel.


  1. Another fine lady who was in the military is Sylvie Lemieux for the Green Party in Glengarry Prescott Russell. She was a Lieutenant-Colonel when she left and served for 21 years. She is also an engineer and a former senior civil servant.

    Before yesterday night, no CPC candidate had a bio or the address of his campaign office, etc., until Vincent Marissal from la Presse complained. They said it was an IT glitch. Yeah, right. The image it projects: these people are pawns. "We don't want you to scrutinise their bios. And we don't want you going to the campaign office or even worse, demonstrating there!" The image it gives: they have things to hide. Ordinary people are not their friends.

  2. I had to cut my comment in two because of the hyperlinks.

    Some BC citizens found a workaround around the secrecy: social media.

    Opposition parties have fine candidates, solid candidates. On the contrary, I often get the impression the credentials or personality of CPC candidates are not important for the CPC decision-makers, as if they are pawns on the chessboard, for Stevie to move around. Warm bodies to occupy the seats.

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