Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obits and Napkins. How we Will Beat Stephen Harper

An obituary notice appeared in the paper asking mourners in lieu of flowers, to instead vote for the Liberals. Some thought it was a hoax, but indeed it was not.
When John Bolan’s family sat down to write his obituary last week, they decided to give him one last chance to convince undecided voters to pledge their support to the Liberals in the upcoming federal election.

The lifelong Ontario civil servant died unexpectedly after surgery in Toronto on Thursday at the age of 78, and had spent most of his life as an ardent Liberal supporter. What better time to give him a platform than when all of his friends were engaged readers?
And Margaret Atwood gives us a paper napkin guide to the election. And she concludes: "Then vote, and — as they say — cherish the moment. People elsewhere are dying for it."

Following is an excellent video on strategic voting:

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