Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things Not Looking Good for Cheryl Gallant

Things are not looking good for Cheryl Gallant as she is being hammered at home.

After grandstanding over concerns for democracy (ha, ha), she all but called the moderator of a radio debate a liar.

She gets more irrational by the minute.


  1. Cheryl Gallant sticks her mouth in her foot BEFORE she was MP. From a letter to the editor, Fredericton Daily Gleaner, October 28, 1999 re. maternity leave:
    "With the field of genetics as advanced as it is, every parent could give birth to a blue-eyed, square-jawed blond. It is doubtful the majority of Canadians will see the scheme for what it really is - a make-work project and a breeding ground for state dependency."

  2. She is so completely rediculous. Is there a blog anywhere that has kept track of all the outrageous things she comes out with? How can anyone in this riding vote conservative? I'm embarassed for people who actually put her name on their lawns.