Thursday, April 28, 2011

NDP Were Never Serious About Forming Government

Up to now Jack Layton has been given a free ride because no one really took him seriously as a true contender.

Then the so-called "surge" and he's running around telling us he's the best choice for prime minister. If he was serious about wanting to be our prime minister he would have taken a bit of effort to find candidates who could actually do their job.
The NDP's sudden burst of momentum is shining new light on the party's candidates and some of those standard-bearers are being found far from the ridings they are seeking to represent. NDP Leader Jack Layton has been forced to address both his recent surge in public opinion polls but also why some of his candidates are not being seen in their ridings.

Isabelle Maguire, the NDP candidate in Richmond-Arthabaska, has left for a three-week trip to France, according to La Nouvelle Union, a Victoriaville, Que., newspaper
One candidate currently in Las Vegas but running in Quebec, can't speak French. Do they really believe people from Quebec are going to vote for candidates they can't find or can't speak to?

And the media is also now critiquing the NDP platform which includes 70 billion in new spending.

The economy is still important, since it determines whether or not we can continue to pay for things like healthcare. The NDP has no track record and their platform is a fairy tale.

Only the Liberals can offer a viable alternative to Harper.

Listen to Jean Chretien and you'll be reminded of why.

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  1. The name of the one vacationing in Vegas is Ruth-Ellen Brosseau. She is a rural riding, Berthier-Maskinongé, where almost no one speaks English. I know the riding well, my grandmother comes from there. And she barely speaks French. The point is not the fact her French is bad... the point is, she is a bad fit.

    While we have people like Sylvie Lemieux (one of the first lady engineers in the Forces, Lt. Colonel, 21 years of service, also a senior civil servant... Green Party Prescott-Russell) and the lady Lt. Colonel you were mentioning the other day (she ruins for the Liberals). Publishing your resumé should be mandatory.