Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Margaret Atwood Does a Wonderful Harper Impersonation

In the Globe, the wonderful Margaret Atwood does a satirical impersonation of Stephen Harper in his autocracy.

“Just a minute!” you say. “You want me to commit to an unknown, very large sum? That’s not fair! And it’s not competent, either.” “More bickering!” he says. “We need stability!” “But I might have to go on paying huge sums for decades!” you say. “We’re already up to our necks in debt! I’ll have to give up other things – I won’t be able to pay for the doctor, or support for special needs, or drinking water, or care for the elderly, or the kids’ education, or … and what happens if there’s a pandemic, or a natural catastrophe such as an earthquake, and you’ve already spent the money that could have helped in a disaster?”

“You are a very negative person,” he says. “You are not welcome here.” “Where is here?” you say. “In my country,” he says. “These are my mountains, this is my hockey, this is my flag. Mine! All mine! And I’m stamping my image on all of it!” “I like those icons, too,” you say, “but I think they should be shared with everyone, don’t you?” “What is this ‘shared’ of which you speak?” he says. “I believe in the individual and nothing but. Talk to the hand! Weak to the wall!”
It's very funny and well worth a read.

I love this: “Once I really get the whip hand, I will never have to answer another question from anyone. Not one question. Not ever again.”
Funny but sadly true if Harper were to win a majority.

On May 2 vote and vote wisely.


  1. Fabulous, Emily.
    If Canadians don't believe Margaret Atwood and Rick Mercer, who do they believe?
    Oh, I know, they believe that vacuum-cleaner salesman, Harper.

  2. Obviously Ms. Atwood does not have all her facts. If Atwood and Harper were to have a battle of wits, it is clear who would win. See for proof.