Friday, April 29, 2011

Michael Ignatieff Gets a New Pair of Shoes

Michael Ignatieff is finishing the campaign in a new pair of red shoes.

I spent most of my day out talking to people and then at the protest in Kingston, giving Harper a grand welcome.

Two comments were distressing. One was from a man about 40ish, who said he wouldn't vote for Ted Hsu because he was Asian. I must have gasped because he said "that didn't come out right". Then he went into a rant about "cheap stuff from China".

I realized I had just met someone from Harper's base.

The next was from a business owner who is a friend. I had convinced her to vote Liberal but she was having doubts. Not because of the Liberals themselves or Ignatieff, but she said that many business owners were frightened that the NDP might get in, so were considering going Conservative. I think, or at least I hope, I changed her mind.

But the protest was great and I plan to blog more on it along with photos tomorrow.

Been a long day.


  1. Two courses that should be mandatory in the last year of high school are civics and basic logic.

  2. Exactly. There is so much ignorance. But one thing is clear. People want Harper out

  3. And Canada history. But just having a course is not enough. As someone pointed out, why spend a month on Vasco de Gama and just a few hours on contemporary Canadian history?

    Also in Quebec they should teach what was going on in the rest of Canada. (The reverse is true for other provinces.) The Patriots' revolt for instance, in 1837, was also in Upper Canada, basically for the same reasons (taxation without representation). There was a monument to the Patriots in Sault Ste. Marie but it was demolished (!) in the 1980s.

  4. i got a match on votepair, feel good about it.