Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time For a Reality Check. Do You Really Think These Guys Can Beat out the Bloc?

I don't think anyone, at least not any Canadian, has taken the personal assaults that Michael Ignatieff has, and is still standing. Two years, non-stop.

And today he went after the people who really need to be taken to task. The media and the pollsters.
Ignatieff criticized the national media for starting to write him out of the race after a week of polls — from Angus Reid, EKOS, Nanos and Ipsos Reid —have all shown the NDP vaulting into second place. He insisted he's still very much in the race.
They are suggesting that the NDP are going to get 108 seats, but that's only if they can reduce the Bloc to 3.

I emailed them all individually, asking them what seats they felt the NDP could take from the Bloc. I've yet to hear from any of them.

One of the NDP candidates is in Las Vegas.
Until last week, she'd been working in Ottawa – about three hours away from the riding – as an assistant manager of Oliver's Pub, on the Carleton University campus.
Why let an election get in the way of a trip to Vegas?

And it doesn't get much better:
The vast majority of the party’s Quebec candidates don’t list any contact information with their profiles on the NDP sites. The slate of Quebec candidates includes union leaders, teachers and a Cree leader, Romeo Saganash. Others are still in school.

Two candidates running for office are Charmaine Borg in Terrebonne-Blainville and Matthew Dubé in Chambly-Borduas. The two are co-presidents of the McGill NDP club. Mr. Dubé’s posts on Twitter are largely devoted to hockey, comic books and computer games, with the occasional forward of tweets by NDP Leader Jack Layton.

Another, Sana Hassainia, who is running for the NDP in Verchères-Les Patriotes, makes no mention on her Twitter page of her NDP connections, except when asked by others to confirm that she is in fact the NDP candidate.
Do they honestly believe that the Bloc will be beat out by these people? Of course they don't.

But what would it mean if they did? The Bloc has some very high quality MPs. They would be replaced by people who don't even appear to be very politically engaged.

The $150,000 a year might help the comic book collector add to his holdings, but seriously? This is someone you want making decisions for you? It would be the Reform Party c1993. Most of the MPs were ignorant bigots, but at least they were ignorant bigots who cared, sort of.

I just listened to Layton's new ad and it was all "I", "I", "I". He believes the hype even if common sense tells him otherwise.

The sad thing is that any NDP gains, if in fact they're real, would be at the expense of other progressives. How is that going to restore our democracy?

All the more reason to rise up.


  1. Rise up liberal? No, I'd like to give the ndp a chance.

  2. Jack Layton sold out Canada to Steve Harper

    Prime Minister Martin had promised to call the election within thirty days of the release of retired justice John Gomery’s final report on the Liberal sponsorship scandal, which was delivered as planned on February 1, 2006.

    Either way, therefore, a trip to the polls was imminent. But ndp strategists thought it dangerous to allow the government to set the terms of debate, and were concerned that on the key issue of political ethics the party would be caught in a squeeze between the Liberals and the Conservatives.

    They believed that the Liberals would accept virtually all of Justice Gomery’s recommendations and that a chastened Liberal Party could win a majority government.


    How Jack Layton helps keep neocon Harper in power

    But it was what Layton did not say that evening that was more interesting. He did not mention that the most ideologically right-wing prime minister in Canadian history was about to be sworn into office, and he did not mention that while the ndp’s 2006 election result was impressive, the party no longer held the same sway in Parliament.

    - the NDP is largely responsible for putting Harper in office in the first place, in 2006. You tell me is it normal for a supposed left winged party to be celebrating this 'big change' over a few extra seats, without much acknowledgement that the most ideologically right winged PM was about to be sworn into office?


    Reposted from RP1 - 1:06 PM on April 15, 2011

    I blame Jack the Hack.

    If he hadn't voted with heir Harper for the prospect a a few more lousy seats, he could have achieved so much more with PM Martin. Instead he condemned Canada to 5 years of reform misgovernance. Reformers should be on the knees kissing his feet.

    What worse is that Jack is on the verge of doing worse damge by facilitating a chance at a harper majority.

    Thank you very much Jack for scre_wing Canada.


    Repost from Dan Cumming - Do you think it has anything to do with the fact that the NDP keeps trying to demonize the Liberals as just like the Conservatives. Or maybe the spin on Jack being willing to cooperate while the Liberals apparently formed a coalition with ...the Conservatives voting over 100 times in support. We can't have an election every time something is difficult so folks make compromises. Not going to say I was happy every time, but you can't call it cooperation when you do it and something awful when someone else does. What really galls you is that mostly, the Liberals ignored the NDP in the early going. All done for now. Have to go watch the Canucks.

  3. Duceppe committed a major error today by inviting Gérald Larose, who called Jack Layton an "impostor" and a "thug".

    I am certain he is going to lose votes over this. People are fed up of the old style of politics. A lot of people do not like Larose and his big mouth, also.

  4. Another major error, this time by Ignatieff: he invited jean Chrétien into the campaign.

    I am convinced he is going to lose votes in Québec because of this. People here are still sore about the War Measures Act (Chrétien was in the Cabinet, Indian Affairs) and more importantly about Adscam. A lot of people have sworn they would never vote Liberal again. So it is not the way to bring them back!