Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Bit of History for the Trivia Buffs

When I read that the Globe and Mail was now endorsing a Harper majority, it reminded me of something.

Not a conspiracy theory, just a bit of trivia.

In 1998, Thomson Newspapers (Globe and Mail) launched a challenge to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The landmark decision 'struck down a law that prohibited the publication, broadcast or dissemination of opinion surveys within the last three days of a federal election campaign.

I remember a time when election laws were more stringent. All political signs had to be removed the day before and bars had to be kept shut down until after the polls closed.

And in 2004, when Stephen Harper sued the Canadian people in the Harper vs Canada challenge to the Charter, he cited the 1998 Thomson Publishing decision.

A the time he was seeking a ruling that would allow corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money during an election campaign.

There are many who believe now that if given a majority, Harper will simply go over the head of the Supreme Court and Canadian citizens will no longer have a voice.

So should we be surprised that the Globe is endorsing a Harper majority? The ultimate plan to create a zero corporate tax rate in Canada, and the multi gazillionaire Thomson family, will benefit enormously.

And so starts the countdown to "D" Day.

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