Friday, April 1, 2011

If We Give Stephen Harper Another Mandate it Means That we Are Giving Him Permission

Before the 1993 election, the Mulroney Government was awash in scandals. Mulroney himself resigned in February of that year, just months before the party, then led by Kim Campbell, had to face the electorate.

Canadian voters sent a clear message to the party and they were reduced to just two seats. We punished them for their actions.

In 2005 Paul Martin was fighting his party's troubles with the Sponsorship Scandal, ironically perpetrated by the same people Brian Mulroney had given patronage appointments to. (See Stevie Cameron's book: On the Take)

Again Canadian voters responded and the Liberals lost the 2006 election. We punished them for their actions, despite the fact that Paul Martin wasn't involved, and he himself ordered the inquiry.

We are now in another situation, where a government fell, not only because they were awash in scandals, but also had been charged with Contempt of Parliament, considered to be a crime against democracy. Literally. The first time, not only in our history, but indeed in the history of the British Parliamentary system.

So will Canadians again respond with their votes, their only weapon against corruption and tyranny, and punish Stephen Harper and his team?

Because if we don't, it will mean that we are giving Harper and his Conservatives permission to continue to behave in the same manner.

We will be giving them permission to abuse our tax dollars for self promotion. ($247 million on the Canadian Economic Action Plan alone)

We will be giving them permission to treat our Parliament with disrespect.

We will be giving them permission to simply close down the House every time Stephen Harper is being challenged, and risks losing his job. The last prorogation cost taxpayers $50 million.

We will be giving them permission to alter documents after they've been duly signed. (Instead of taking responsibility, Harper is on the campaign trail suggesting that we don't care and that few Canadians have ever even heard of Bev Oda)

We will be giving them permission to withhold important information required by our elected MPs, to make decisions on our behalf.

We will be giving permission to buy off ethics commissioners to avoid them speaking of 200 ethics complaints against this government, many involving fraud. $500,000 of our money is the price of silence.

We will be giving them permission to dismiss the fact that two of their senators could go to jail for fraud, suggesting that it is a mere accounting error. An accounting error that involved fabricating receipts to collect taxpayer money that they weren't entitled to.

We will be giving them permission to expand prisons, take justice issues away from the justice department, and even lock up our children for minor marijuana offenses.

We will giving them permission to continue their assault on women's rights.

We will be giving them permission to continue their assault on gay rights.

We will giving them permission to continue their assault on basic human rights, as we witnessed at the G-20 in Toronto.

We will be giving them permission to continue their hostile takeovers of arms length agencies, and vilify any who oppose their agenda, from diplomats to academics.

We will be giving them permission to lie, cheat and steal.

If we give Stephen Harper another mandate, it means that he can continue his destruction of Canada with our blessing.

Is this really the message we want to send?

Think about that on May 2. We have an opportunity to make history by taking back our country, and saying loud and clear that Canadians will continue to punish those who attempt to play fast and loose with our money and our rules.

VOTE and VOTE wisely!


  1. Emily the Harperites are toast. Have you noticed how Stevie ignores his wife when cameras are rolling.
    It's like he knows she's there but pretends she's not. Too bad she didn't stand up to him and just give hm the middle finger salute.
    This victory is going to be sweet and it's been a long time coming. Canadians have enough of this abuse we are getting up, standing up and are not taking it anymore.

  2. You're right. I expect that after the election, regardles of the outcome, they will announce that the couple will be divorcing. According to the Globe and Mail (before the story was pulled) they have been separated for two years.