Thursday, April 14, 2011

Harper's Gun Registry Adviser Compares Canada's Police Force to Hitler's SS

On September 22, 1998, a large group of what I will call "gun enthusiasts" marched on Parliament Hill. They billed it as Fed Up II, so I can only assume there must have been a Fed Up I.

During this, from what I understand, rather large rally; some of the people who were "fed up", noticed RCMP snipers on the roof of the Parliament Buildings. When reporters asked about the snipers, they were told by the RCMP boss that there were no snipers, only officers with binoculars.

This upset the people who were already "fed up" and with great will and determination, they set out to prove that the RCMP were lying. They filed an Access to Information Request to determine what weapons had been signed out that day, to RCMP officers on the Hill. I think they were big ones ... lots of letters and numbers. Very impressive.

Now I can't speak for everyone, but when there is a large group of angry gun owners marching on Parliament Hill, I for one do not want to see snipers on the roof. I want tanks. Lots of them. They are gun owners and they are "fed up" .. for the second time!

Leading the charge was Reform-Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz, who has done little else during his time on Parliament Hill, but promote the idea that Canadians should have the right to bear arms.

I have written of this often, because while Stephen Harper will suggest that he is only worried about farmers having to register their guns, the fact is, that what he is actually promoting is a gun culture. One endorsed by the American NRA.

They stacked the Firearms Advisory Committee, with gun enthusiasts, including the man in the photo that I posted with this piece.

Cowboys for Social Responsibility have recently discovered an article written by another of those firearms enthusiasts: M.J. Ackermann, published in the Cdn-Firearms Digest, in which he says:
So all it takes now to have the Black Shirts bomb your house and take you down is an unsubstantiated call by a disgruntled whoever. Thank god this guy didn't have a comb in his hand when the Black Shirts got to him.

As I predicted a few years ago, the escalation of police response from a polite knock on the door and discussion to SS type raid is the direct result of gun licensing and registration coupled with the pogrom of cultural genocide that has been going on for the last decade and more. Sooner or later they are gonna start shooting us first and asking questions later.
Black Shirts and SS all because of the gun registry.

Nothing to do with farmers.


  1. So, this Ackermann person figures homeowners should be the ones to shoot first and ask the questions later? Such a good idea.

  2. I'm sorry but this is just ridiculous and insulting to boot. Tanks? Really?

    They were there protesting against what they saw as an infringement on their rights, the last thing they would do is endanger that by bringing firearms.

    Besides the military cannot be used as police except under certain circumstances, usually referred to as "martial law" and it requires the Federal Government to follow certain guidelines as well as request the aid from the military.

    I'm an extremely liberal guy, to the left of the NDP (save for the gun stuff) and it saddens me to see this wedge continually driven between citizens who just want to enjoy their hobby and those who have issues with it.