Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wiarton Willie's Shadow Says There Will be an Election

Kingston has a senator though you'd never know it. The only time Hugh Segal shows his face is when there's going to be an election.

He has recently poked his head out of his hole, so that means we should be heading to the polls soon.

The last time we heard from him was when he was campaigning for local candidate Brian Abrams. Then he went into hibernation.

But he's being quoted now, working for our new neocon candidate, Alicia Gordon.

Remind me why we pay for senators again. I'm pretty sure it isn't to fundraise and campaign for the Corporate Party of Canada. They have enough money.

This is just another way to steal from us.
Senators agreed last month they can send newsletters with partisan content, such as the use of a party’s colours, photographs with MPs and endorsement for local candidates. “However negative comments against other senators are unacceptable,” the committee on internal economy, budgets and administration decided. “This is insane," NDP MP Peter Stoffer said. “They are unaccountable and unelected and they can use taxpayers dollars to attack … (NDP Leader) Jack Layton?” The House of Commons stopped MPs last spring from sending highly partisan “garbage” to other MPs’ ridings and the Senate should do the same, Stoffer urged. “We saved millions of dollars in the bullsh-- that was going out,” he added.

The Conservative-dominated Senate committee clarified the rules around mailings after receiving complaints Tory senators Bob Runciman and Don Plett had sent newsletters to Liberal ridings in their home province attacking the party for being soft on crime. Liberal MP Anita Neville, whose Winnipeg riding was targeted, said the mailings included a petition designed to obtain names of possible Conservative supporters.
So the Conservative senators kill a climate change bill drafted by people we elected, but then endorse theft of taxpayer money. I'm with Jack Layton. Enough is enough.

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