Thursday, February 24, 2011

Secret Memo Reveals that Canada Action Plan Was Nothing but a Massive Ad Campaign. Duh!

The Canadian Press is reporting: Documents show Economic Action Plan marketing blitz a PMO production from the get-go
A flashy taxpayer-funded website was conceived as the "key component" in marketing the Conservative government's Economic Action Plan, a secret memo prepared for Stephen Harper reveals. And right from the get-go, images and video of the prime minister were integral building blocks that pre-occupied programmers building the site, according to internal government documents obtained by The Canadian Press.

Two years later, Canadians are still being blanketed with Economic Action Plan marketing, an all-of-government program designed to enforce "a single, consistent brand ... across all departments and agencies." On Thursday, some 80 government MPs, ministers and senators were dispatched across the country to tout EAP projects, even as the program officially winds down. Television viewers have been bombarded since January with a fresh round of pricey, action-plan advertising — ads that uniformly direct viewers to thewww.actionplan.gc.cawebsite. Documents reveal it is part of a massive, centrally co-ordinated campaign — critics call it partisan propaganda — orchestrated out of the Prime Minister's Office at taxpayer expense.
Many of us have been saying that from the start, but only now have documents revealed it to be true. We are talking roughly $200 million dollars to promote Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada.

So who is going to go to jail over this? We already know that bureaucrats warned them that what they were doing was not only unethical but illegal.

So when one of those 80 MPs come to your town, with your credit card, trying to buy your vote, make some noise and demand some answers.

Just think of what that money could have bought.

And claiming that he doesn't want an election now, when his electioneering is so transparent, is just more smoke.
The Harper Conservatives are hoping for an election despite their claims to the contrary, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff alleged Thursday. "The government is crisscrossing the country by spending money with all kinds of promises, useless promises," he told reporters in Ottawa. "We don't want an election, but I think he [Prime Minister Stephen Harper] is the one that wants an election."

Ignatieff was referring to a series of events being held across the country Thursday involving a spate of Conservative MPs. The events revolved around projects from the government's Economic Action Plan.
Time to pull the plug. We can no longer afford this government. They are bankrupting us.

But now that we know this is a fraud, we need to email or write every television station running these ads, and let them know that they are accomplices in the theft of our money.

Civil disobedience.

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  1. Ten things you don’t know about Steve Harper, the leader of Canada’s “Corporate Party”:

    1. He's an Evangelist (i.e. a Holy Roller, but he doesn’t believe in it, it’s just for show)
    2. He's getting divorced (check out his website, all pics of Harper and Laureen together have been removed; note I don’t care they broke up, I care how he lies about it for two years)
    3. Member of the fundamentalist Christian Alliance Church (they don't like gay people)
    4. Member of the Norther Foundation (I think they don't like black people)
    5. Member of the Calgary School of Political Science (they don’t like science)
    6. Leader of the Reforma/Alliance Party (they don't like women)
    7. Head of the National Citizens Coalition (they want to kill our national health care)
    8. He’s not a real Red Tory Conservative; he’s a Reforma Alliance CRAP Party thing
    9. His grandfather (Harper’s family is from Moncton, New Brunswick) either offed himself after becoming mentally ill or ran off with a woman, the truth is never talked about for some reason
    10. The asthmatic Harper is bald as a cueball under his $3,000 weave (obsessed with his own image Harper has a special salt & pepper one for elections)
    11. Steve hates to travel and didn’t get a passport until he could travel at the public’s expense
    12. Steve hates being a polititican, is uncomfortable in groups, really dislikes glad-handing
    13. Steve Harper was president of his high school's Young Liberals Club at Richview in Toronto; he also appeared on Reach for the Top t.v. program. Harper is not dumb, he just works for the interests of big business instead of for you
    14. Spends every second of every waking moment plotting his scortched earth policy against Canada’s Natural Governing Party, The Liberals

    Shouldn’t Steve Harper be working on other things? Like help for struggling families.

    - Canadians Rallying to Unseat Steve Harper
    Multi-Partisan Discussion Group of 57,800+ People