Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thomas Walkom is Right. Harper's Latest Scheme Threatens Canada's Sovereignty

Harper's latest so-called security deal with the U.S. is the final nail in our coffin. Canadian sovereignty no longer exists, because the United States now calls the shots on everything we do.

This is the last in a series of things this government has done, from aggressive trade deals to military acts that prohibit Canada from refusing to go where the U.S. wants us to go.

We are the 51st state in everything but name.

And I don't give a damn if our corporations (mostly American or multinational) wants this. I'm sick of them having all the say. It's time we started pushing back.

According to Thomas Walkom:
The vague plans outlined Friday by Stephen Harper for a common border security arrangement with the U.S. threaten Canada's sovereignty. That's a given. Regardless of the Prime Minister's denials, most Canadians get that. What's less well understood is that Harper's plans are out of date. They are part of an attempt to bolster a North American production system that, in an era of permanently high oil prices, can't survive.
Stephen Harper should be charged with treason. We never even got a say in this. Everything was done in secrecy.


  1. Green Party of Canada Press Release


    8 February 2011 - 3:10pm

    OTTAWA -- Stephen Harper’s move toward an integrated border with the United States shows his wish for deep continental integration is alive and gaining steam. "When the Obama administration announced it was shelving the Security and Prosperity Partnership, we urged continued vigilance that the agenda could resurface. The recent Washington meeting makes it clear the SPP is alive and well, repackaged and moving ahead on steroids," said Green Leader Elizabeth May.

    Meeting with President Obama in Washington last week, Harper has announced a new agreement for a ‘continental security perimeter’. "In saying that Canadian sovereignty is not an issue in this agreement, Stephen Harper has clearly demonstrated that he and his government are the wrong people to stand on guard for Canada because they cannot even conceive the sovereignty risks involved," added International Affairs Critic Eric Walton. “We know from the soft-wood export fiasco that the United States plays hard-ball for its national interest and Prime Minister Harper apparently is not even in the ball-park."

    Among other provisions, the proposed agreement would appear to effectively extend to the United States the power to screen and vet people coming to Canada only. It would most likely also permit U.S. personnel to jointly control access to all Canadian territory and not just at the southern U.S./Canada border. There would also be extensive information sharing of national data on Canadian citizens with U.S. authorities.

    “Not only are the details of this new security agreement not being made public, but there seems to be no intention to bring this issue to parliament for debate. Harper continues to subvert democracy on all fronts,” said May.


  2. Thank you. We can always count on Elizabeth