Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Conservatives are Criss-Crossing the Country With OUR Chequebook. Here's What You Can Do

The Conservatives are on another spending spree with our money. In preparation for the election they are on a pork barrelling blitz, tossing it around like we taxpayers are made of money.

They've sent a letter to their supporters claiming to need about a quarter of a million dollars for pre-election advertising (attacks on Michael Ignatieff), while using our money for TV ads and pork.

So here's what you can do. If a Harper MP is in your riding make a little noise. A non-violent protest.

Ask them why they don't get the money from the corporations for that, and instead are using OUR money to buy Harper's re-election.

There are some really good suggestions here for civil disobedience.

Keep it light and funny. Flyers, skits, songs. Use your imagination.

With an election coming up, we need to make it exciting. March, dance, sing. Make some noise!

Here's a good one here:

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  1. Excellent list from Albert Einstein et al, Emily. I've kept a copy of it.
    Rick Mercer's rant was very good tonight, I thought. We just need to get him to endorse your blog.