Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Give it Up Lawrence Cannon. John Diefenbaker Would Have Kicked Your Ass!

Lawrence Cannon has just announced that his government is creating a humanitarian award in John Diefenbaker's honour, and I was wondering what Diefenbaker would have thought of that.

He would have been pleased if it was coming from a legitimate humanitarian source, but coming from this government, it is a slap in the face.

John Diefenbaker did so much to protect Canadian sovereignty, and Lawrence Cannon and his ilk has traded it away for a handful of beans. In fact we didn't even get the beans. We just got the shaft.

But I'm picturing Diefenbaker's response to this empty gesture, also imagining my dad who did a pretty good impersonation. Shaking jowls and all.

"Thank you for this honour. I will treasure it. And now sonny the most humanitarian act I can think of to do, is to make sure that we get rid of your government. You have done enough damage to the conservative brand that people like me worked so hard to build. And you have done so much to destroy this country, that was once a champion for human rights. I am in hope that we can wrest it from your cold hands while there is still a Canada left to save."

Yes John Diefenbaker would have kicked Lawrence Cannon's ass. In fact he would have lined them all up, and bounced them one by one off the toe of his boot.

How dare they invoke this man to cover up their latest travesties.


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