Thursday, February 10, 2011

Harper's Sell Off of Our Sovereignty and the Patriot Act

A story out of the United States should be of concern to all Canadians.

The Republican/Tea Party has tried to revive the Patriot Act, stripping American citizens of virtually all of their rights.
The first leg of a process to renew the controversial US Patriot Act failed in the House of Representatives here in Washington DC on Tuesday night. A required two-thirds majority was not achieved on the floor of the chamber. The bill is likely to be reintroduced on another occasion but it is a blow to the new Republican leadership in the US House.
With the new "secret" deal that Stephen Harper entered into with the U.S., Canada no longer has the authority to refuse to go to war. The FBI can conduct investigations on Canadians citizens and their domestic security measures are now our domestic security measures.

Which means that if they reintroduce the Patriot Act, Canadians citizens will fall under it.

And remember Republican James Sensenbrenner is a longtime friend of Stephen Harper's. He helped Pierre Poilievre write our 'how to pretend to have an Accountability but then not be accountable to anyone Act', and his son Frank (Stockwell Day's chum), was involved in the NAFTA leak that hurt the Obama campaign.

Sensenbrenner was the first to introduce that act, and walked out when the previous attempt at it's extension failed.

They are all in cahoots.


  1. Woe be unto us if Harper & his band of toadies and quislings ever head up a majority government...

  2. We the people must make sure that never happens