Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conservatives Down to less Than 33% in the Polls. Better Whip Those Cheques Out Faster Stevie

There's just so much to blog about today. It's so exciting. From memos with a paper trail right to Stevie, showing how his party stole over 200 million for a partisan ad campaign, to the "integrity" officer on the lam, being captured in Florida.

Now the really good news. The people are listening and Stevie has plunked again. 32.4% Guess all his attack ads are paying off, huh? I think he's just overdone it.

Caught lying and dipping his hands in the cookie jar in the same week. Let's see him spin his way out of this one.
The Bev Oda affair and voter unease over the possibility of a Harper majority government has awakened a sleeping electorate that’s finally paying attention to federal politics, pollster Frank Graves says.

His latest survey shows big swings in voter intention as the 12.5-point lead Stephen Harper’s Conservatives enjoyed over Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals two weeks ago has evaporated to a mere five points – 32.4 per cent of Canadians support the Tories compared to 27.3 per cent for the Grits. The NDP has 14.8 per cent support, the Bloc is at 10.5 per cent and the Green Party garners 11.9 per cent.
Has the progressive revolution finally hit Canada? I'm pulling out my bell bottoms and platform shoes just in case. I'm not missing this for anything.

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