Saturday, February 19, 2011

Firefighters Join Protest in Wisconsin While Tea Party Sips Champagne and Eats Cavier

The corporate funded Tea Party is losing ground as the Wisconsin firefighters have joined the protests. The Koch Brothers, who financed a little party to fight the unions, are on the phone to Stephen Harper, hoping he can soothe their evil souls.

Stevie assured them that Canadian taxpayers would still be building their pipeline, that will send all of the good jobs in the oil industry South. They smiled.

Then they killed their cat.

It's Glenn Beck's worst nightmare -- firefighters invading government buildings in a spine-tingling display of union solidarity. Don't they know the Wisconsin protests are a Muslim Brotherhood plot to create a one-world Marxist government? As the on-scene narrator notes -- firefighters are exempt from Gov. Scott Walker's attempt to strip collective bargaining rights from state employees, but that doesn't seem to have split union ranks in Wisconsin.

See that's the difference between conservatives and liberals. Liberals can empathize with others. Conservatives only worry about themselves. Go firefighters. Go Wisconsin.

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