Saturday, February 5, 2011

EU Trade Deal Will Not Only Cost Jobs But we Will Pay More For Prescriptions

It has been determined that the EU trade deal cooked up by Stephen Harper will cost Canadians about 150,000 jobs.

But we also just learned that it will mean that Canadians will be paying more for prescription drugs, at a time when many people, who once had good paying jobs with benefits, and now work for minimum wage, can only hope they never get sick.

Who would have thought that it would only take five years to sell us off lock stock and barrel?

And these are only the things we know about. This man has been able to act in almost total secrecy for five years. When we finally vote him out, there may be nothing left to save.


  1. A good way to tell pig pharma to kiss my ass, don't take their poisonous toxic drugs.
    You think or you're told you can't live without these medications but think again.
    A lifetime of medication consumption does not guarantee a longer life.

  2. You're right Nicole. Every time my doctor recommends a new drug I ask about side effects. No thanks. I'll take antibiotic only when necessary and that's it.