Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well This is an Interesting Patronage Appointment ... Payoff?

Former Conservative candidate for Kingston, Brian Abrams, stepped down to spend more time with family. The classic line (lie?)

But he has just received a cushy patronage appointment courtesy of Rob Nicholson.
The Honourable Brian W. Abrams, a partner at Templeman Menninga LLP in Kingston, is appointed a Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario, Family Division (Kingston) to replace Mr. Justice G.A. Campbell, who elected to become a supernumerary judge as of August 1, 2010.
Was this a payoff to get him out of the race? Abrams was floundering, taking a lot of hits in the local media for refusing to get involved in the Prison Farm issue. But he's ex RCMP and was a lawyer for the cops, so will never be on the side of the people.


  1. Poor guy. I'll bet he was disappointed to hear he won't be spending all that extra time with his family, after all. :-)

    They must think we're stupid...

  2. Followup to my last -- I see Lawrence O'Neil got a promotion in that round, too (he's in Nova Scotia). He used to be a Conservative MP. Several others are Conservatives, too:

  3. The press release was seven days ago & the local press still hasn't picked it up. Although it was on to-night's TV news.