Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bev Oda a Mere Puppet for the Dictator

Does anyone really believe that that Bev Oda acted alone in changing the document? If you do then have I got a deal for you. Magic beans that will make you live until you're 200. Buy now at the low low price of six million and I'll throw in a trip to Disneyland.

Harper's cabinet ministers have no say. And with Oda so long as she can live the life of luxury, she couldn't give a damn.

But what happened to the multi-faithed KAIROS should be a wake up call to all of us. As Murray Dobbin says: Harper government treatment of KAIROS is worthy of a dictatorship
The day that Mubarak finally resigned to the deafening cheers of a million people in Tahrir (Liberation) Square was also the day that another repugnant example of the Harper government's casual abuse of power was highlighted. This time it was a scathing ruling against the government from the Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken, related to Harper's decision to eliminate funding to the ecumenical development group, KAIROS. It was a fitting coincidence: KAIROS's funding was cut due to is alleged anti-Israel bias. Harper's barely disguised opposition to the revolution in Egypt is linked to his blind support of Israel and the recognition that democracy in Egypt is seen as a threat in the Jewish state.

The issue ruled on by the Speaker involved a document prepared by the senior staff of CIDA recommending that the government provide KAIROS -- which has been providing development aid to the third world since the 1970s -- with a $7 million grant over four years. At issue was the fact that someone had inserted the word "NOT" into the final line of the CIDA report ...
I can't even imagine the nerve of Stephen Harper defending her (his?) actions. But he does. Just not very well, as you could see how rattled he was yesterday. This is part of a very disturbing pattern, where the rule of law becomes the rule of one.

According to the Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken:
But new documents that emerged last December show that CIDA’s top officials signed a memorandum recommending new funding for Kairos before someone – the government won’t say who – inserted the word “not,” overruling the recommendation. “The full body of material gives rise to very troubling questions. Any reasonable person confronted with what appears to have transpired would necessarily be extremely concerned, if not shocked, and might well begin to doubt the integrity of certain decision-making processes,” Mr. Milliken said in his decision on a Liberal MP’s complaint.

“In particular, the senior CIDA officials concerned must be deeply disturbed by the doctored document they have been made to appear to have signed.”
They just do what they want.


  1. “It’s the Canadian people that should be resigning and apologizing to Bev Oda. Bad haircut aside, he’s one hell of a great guy.”!/photo.php?fbid=1852610723447&set=a.1415809563691.58458.1486166297&comments

    Bev Oda: We gots another Duffy on our hands:

    Prior to her election, Ms. Oda spent more than two decades in the fields of public and private broadcasting. In 1999, Ms. Oda was appointed senior Vice-President, Industry... Affairs, at CTV. From 1987 to 1993, she served as a commissioner with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

    Ms. Oda began her broadcasting career at TV Ontario in 1973. In 1976, she moved to the field of commercial broadcasting. She has also worked as a consultant in the areas of multiculturalism, diversity and broadcasting."

  2. I just tried to inquire about buying the Kairos is "not" going away Tee shirt hoping to lend my support and make a statement by wearing the tongue in cheek message emblazoned on the front. Unfortunately, has exceeded it's bandwidth and is "not" open for business. The politics of control and media censorship works in so many different ways. I wonder if Rogers was able to lend a hand to Spiteful Stevie?