Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is Guy Giorno Already Having a Negative Impact at the University of Toronto?

When Guy Giorno resigned as Harper's chief of staff, so that a Bay street lobbyist could move in and ram the F-35's down our throats, he said it was because he wanted to "spend more time with family".

I laughed and laughed.

Almost immediately it was announced that he had taken a position with the university of Toronto and will be heading up Stephen Harper's ugly re-election campaign. (Giorno can only do ugly. He has even made nuns cry) Part of the neocon movement is to shift universities to the right.

But there is a little storm brewing over the Canadian Armed Forces recruitment on campus at the U of T. They claim they were invited.
“It’s an ethical duty to refrain from legitimizing military at a time when it’s been about 10 years now that Canadian military has been occupying Afghanistan,” said Jacob Nerenberg. Nerenberg, a PhD student at the University of Toronto, was one of the organizers of a Feb. 2 protest against military recruitment on the institution’s campus.
Another story we should be paying close attention to, as Stephen Harper is trying to make Canada the country of manly things. And yes I know women are in the military too, but we're all about guns and killing now.

It will take all of us to move this country back to the way it was before the five years of Steve.

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